LCTI students among 2015 SkillsUSA district winners

Congratulations to all who competed in the 2015 District 11 SkillsUSA Championships at the Allentown Fairgrounds!

Lehigh Career & Technical Institute had 58 competitors place in the Top 3 and 18 gold-medal winners. Check out photos of students from LCTI and other District 11 schools as they competed during the event.

District champions will travel to Hershey, Pa.,  to compete at the 2015 SkillsUSA Pennsylvania Leadership and Skill Championships, which run April 8-10. Event winners at the state level will have an opportunity to compete in the national championship in Louisville, Ky.

Labs with the most Top 3 finishers

Precision Machine – 9

Health Occupations – 8

Automotive Technology – 4

Commercial Baking – 4

Criminal Justice – 4

Culinary Arts – 4

Web Design – 4

District XI Champions from LCTI

LCTI had 18 gold medal winners, 5 of which came from the Precision Machine Lab.

Sending high schools medal tally

Here is the breakdown of how many Top 3 finishers each high school had:

Parkland – 13

William Allen – 8

Emmaus – 7

Northern Lehigh – 6

Southern Lehigh – 6

Northwestern Lehigh – 5

Whitehall – 5

Catasauqua – 3

Dieruff- 3

Salisbury – 2

SkillsUSA District Competition Winners
Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Web Design team 1 1st Julian Kingsley Web Design AM Peregrin Catasauqua 11
CNC Milling 1st James Yons Prec. Mach. PM Heffentrager Emmaus 12
Commercial Baking 1st Daria Greb Comm. Baking AM Lucas Emmaus 11
Graphic Communications 1st Kenneth Pavlick Print AM Purcell Emmaus 11
CNC Technician 1st Gavin Mengel Prec. Mach. AM Heffentrager Northwestern Le 11
Automated Manufacturing Technology 1st Mark Kaintz Prec. Mach. AM Heffentrager Parkland 11
Automated Manufacturing Technology 1st Aaron Tweed Prec. Mach. AM Heffentrager Parkland 10
Automated Manufacturing Technology 1st Sean Farley Pre-engineering AM Latanision Parkland 11
Automotive Service Technology 1st Brian Romig Auto Tech. AC Sikora PM Parkland 12
Cake Decorating 1st Cole Isaacs Comm. Baking AC Lucas PM Parkland 12
Power Equipment Technology 1st Dakota VanHorn Small Engines PM Pfanders Parkland 12
Welding 1st Mason Rumble Welding AC Schnalzer PM Parkland 12
Advertising Design 1st Joshua Lounsberry Adv. Design AM Maley So. Lehigh 12
CNC Turning 1st Alejandro Ramos Prec. Mach. PM Heffentrager So. Lehigh 10
Web Design team 1 1st Alex Heffelfinger Web Design AM Peregrin So. Lehigh 11
Restaurant Service 1st Jasmine Kutzura Culinary Arts AC O’Connell PM Whitehall 12
Nurse Assisting 1st Kimberly Ramraj Health Occ AC Hart PM Wm Allen 12
Prepared Speech 1st Brock Kline Plumbing AC Midgett PM Wm Allen 12
Automotive Service Technology 2nd Josh Zanger Auto Tech. PM Sikora Catasauqua 12
Restaurant Service 2nd Fantasia Rodriguez Culinary Arts AC O’Connell AM Dieruff 11
Medical Math 2nd Bridgette Bolton Health Occ AM Hart Emmaus 11
Tech Computer Applications 2nd AnaAbigail Cordero AOT PM Blacker Emmaus 12
Web Design team 2 2nd Malachi Atkinson Web Design PM Peregrin Emmaus 12
Commercial Baking 2nd Makayla Gordon Comm. Baking PM Lucas Northern Lehigh 12
Web Design team 2 2nd Zion Schellenberg Web Design PM Peregrin Northern Lehigh 10
Welding 2nd Michael Shoemaker Welding PM Schnalzer Northwestern Le 12
CNC Milling 2nd Spencer Werst Prec. Mach. AM Heffentrager Parkland 11
Electrical Construction Wiring 2nd Devin Moyer Elec Tech PM Merchlinsky Parkland 12
Job Skill Demo A 2nd Lance Greenawalt HVAC AM Berkowitz So. Lehigh 11
Precision Machining Technology 2nd Daniel Wisser Prec. Mach. AM Heffentrager So. Lehigh 11
Carpentry 2nd Jared Schall Carpentry PM Geist Whitehall 12
Industrial Motor Control 2nd Reno Honzo-Vassa Electromech AC Passante PM Whitehall 12
Automotive Service Specialty 2nd Tyler Pietkiewicz Auto Tech. AC Sikora PM Wm Allen 12
Culinary Arts 2nd Nelson Santiago Culinary Arts AC O’Connell PM Wm Allen 12
Masonry 2nd Reymers Rojas Masonry AC Tweed PM Wm Allen 12
Crime Scene Investigation 3rd Skye James Crim Justice AC Kohl AM Catasauqua 11
Cake Decorating 3rd Francisco Rivera Comm. Baking PM Lucas Dieruff 12
Health Knowledge Bowl 3rd Chelsea Menendez Health Occ PM Hart Dieruff 12
Tech Computer Applications 3rd Brandon Durrick AOT PM Blacker Emmaus 10
CNC Technician 3rd Brent Novitsky Prec. Mach. PM Heffentrager Northern Lehigh 12
CNC Turning 3rd Daniel DallaPalu Prec. Mach. AM Heffentrager Northern Lehigh 12
Criminal Justice 3rd Cheyenne Shannon Crim Justice Lembach PM Northern Lehigh 12
First Aid/CPR 3rd Jordan Long Health Occ AM Hart Northern Lehigh 11
Culinary Arts 3rd Braxton Reppert Culinary Arts PM O’Connell Northwestern Le 12
Health Knowledge Bowl 3rd Emily Strohl Health Occ PM Hart Northwestern Le 12
Medical Terminology 3rd Brittany Miller Health Occ AC Hart AM Northwestern Le 11
Architectural Drafting 3rd Harrison Williams Drafting AC Yohn AM Parkland 11
Early Childhood 3rd Alicia Vicari Early Care PM Visco Parkland 12
Health Knowledge Bowl 3rd Stephanie Shook Health Occ PM Hart Parkland 12
Technical Drafting 3rd Brandon Rauenzahn Drafting AM Yohn Parkland 11
Crime Scene Investigation 3rd Hayley Werkheiser Crim Justice AC Kohl AM Salisbury 11
Health Knowledge Bowl 3rd Kaylyn Lightcap Health Occ PM Hart Salisbury 11
Related Technical Math 3rd Anthony Polsinelli Electronics AM Lesisko So. Lehigh 12
Graphic Communications 3rd Miguel Martinez Print AM Purcell Whitehall 11
HVAC & Refrigeration 3rd Walker McCandless HVAC AM Berkowitz Whitehall 11
Automotive Service Specialty 3rd Conroy Yearde Auto Tech. AC Sikora PM Wm Allen 12
Cabinetmaking 3rd Kyle Cunningham Cabinetmaking AC Welsh PM Wm Allen 12
Crime Scene Investigation 3rd Jenna Valentino Crim Justice AC Kohl AM Wm Allen 11

2015 District Winners (PDF)

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