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                                  Career Objective Choices for
                      CAP-Computers/Office Systems Technology

The CAP-Computers/Office Systems Technology program offers five career objectives for
students wishing to become administrative professionals.  Learn more about these career
objectives, the role of the administrative professional, future job trends, certifications, salary,
and even take a typing test!

There are numerous job openings for an administrative professional each year.

U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics




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43-6012.00 Legal Secretaries

The administrative career offers a bright future! 

The 21st century administrative professional is one of the largest segments of the office workforce.  Jobs today are more rewarding and more skilled than ever before.

The 21st Century Administrative Professional

Bureau of Labor Statistics - Job Outlook

Professional Certifications

Certification is a mark of excellence that you carry with you everywhere!  Click the certifications to the right to learn more about what is available to the administrative professional.
OPAC - Office Proficiency Assessment and Certification
IC3 - The Internet and Computing Core Certification
MOS - Microsoft Office Specialist Certification
CAPCertified Administrative Professional (employment experience necessary)
ALS - Certification for Legal Professionals (employment experience

Professional Organizations

To grow with the profession and to continue your lifelong learning, join one of these organizations.


Check out these sites for administrative professionals' job postings.

OR use your skills and work at home! 

Work at home as a virtual assistant!

Read "Work from Home" from


Read Julie Perrine's article on

"What is a Virtual Assistant" from

Let's have fun!  Test your skills!