Air Products brings hydrogen-powered Toyota to LCTI

Lisa Roth brought Air Products’ Toyota Mirai to LCTI on Wednesday, Oct. 18.

SCHNECKSVILLE, Pa. | Thanks to Air Products, Lehigh Career & Technical Institute students this week got an up close look at a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle.

Air Products representative Lisa Roth brought the company’s Toyota Mirai to LCTI’s Auto Technology program lab Wednesday (Oct. 18) for a high-tech show-and-tell. Auto Technology students, along with their peers from the school’s Pre-Engineering & Engineering Technology program, gathered for the event.

Roth, who serves on the Parkland School Board and LCTI’s Joint Operating Committee, explained that the Mirai is powered by electricity produced when hydrogen and air interact. The environmentally friendly vehicle’s only emission is water, she said.

Similar to a conventionally powered mid-size sedan, the Mirai can travel about 300 miles on a tank of hydrogen, Roth said. However, the vehicle range is limited by the availability of hydrogen fueling stations, most of which Air Products built in California.

After her presentation, Roth took students on test drives in the Mirai, which have been on sale in the U.S. since 2015.

Scroll down to view a photo galley from the visits. Learn about how the Auto Technology and Pre-Engineering & Engineering Technology programs helps students get more out of high school.

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