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Welcome to Career Pathways!
The Career Pathways program is a guide for middle school students and is intended to help them determine the best educational pathway to best attain their future career goals. Middle school students have already begun the Career Pathways program within their classrooms. They will receive a Middle School planner and be offered tours of Lehigh Career & Technical Institute. They will also have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of careers through guest speakers and assemblies. 
Career Pathways
Once a student narrows their field of interest, Career Pathways will help them decide which one of four "Career Clusters" will best serve them. The 4 clusters are: Arts & Humanities, Business & Communication, Engineering & Industrial and Health & Human Services.
Career pathwaysCareer Pathways has been designed in three levels to better guide the student in making a career choice. As part of the first level, the Middle School Planner is completed within the classroom. The planner will help the student learn more about themselves and the possible career paths that interest them. The second level will help students re-exam their interests and begin to guide them to an appropriate career cluster. The final level will once again begin with a re-examination of the student's interests and will then provide them with a definitive pathway to their chosen education or career.