Learn how to read a new student schedule

All new Lehigh Career & Technical Institute students explore three career and technical education programs in a process known as rotations. Each rotation lasts nine to 10 days and the 2019-2020 rotation schedule is as follows:

  • Rotation 1: Aug. 27-Sept. 11
  • Rotation 2: Sept. 12-Sept. 24
  • Rotation 3: Sept. 25-Oct. 8

On a new student schedule, the CTE program aligned with “R1” is the first rotation, the program aligned with “R2” is the second rotation and the program aligned with “R3” is the third rotation. In the sample schedule shown below, Rotation 1 is highlighted blue, Rotation 2 is highlighted pink, Rotation 3 is highlighted yellow and the academic course is highlighted green.

A new student with this schedule would spend their first rotation in Heavy Equipment Operations & Preventive Maintenance with Mr. Wabals in Room H101, move to Electrical Technology with Mr. Pachella in Room B102 for the second rotation and, finally, Auto Body/Collision Repair Technology with Mr. Troxell in Room C115 for the third rotation. The student would attend American Studies 2 with Mr. Dawson in Room A104 during all three rotations. 

In early October, near the end of rotations, new students are asked to select a “speciality” — the CTE program they’ll focus on for the remainder of high school. Every rotation is graded, so it’s important that students do their best in every CTE program they explore. Why? Students with good rotation grades are more likely to be assigned to their No. 1 specialty choice.

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