Heavy Equipment Operations

Building a home, installing a sewer line and widening a road are a few examples of the myriad tasks that require heavy equipment. In our Heavy Equipment Operations & Preventive Maintenance program, students explore the diverse employment opportunities for heavy equipment operators.

As they learn about the role of mobile machinery in various industries, students master the following skills:

  • Operating articulated dump trucks, bulldozers and excavators
  • Operating backhoe loaders, crawler loaders, skid-steer loaders and wheel loaders
  • Inspecting equipment systems and performing preventive maintenance
  • Using hand and electric or gas power tools ranging from hammers to jackhammers
  • Surveying, site preparation and grading; employing erosion and sediment control

Instruction begins with job-site safety, blueprint reading, equipment rigging, and other fundamentals before advancing to activities like building a pad, backfilling a trench and slot dozing. Working in one of the nation’s best-equipped program labs of its kind, students learn to use more than 20 machines made by Case, Caterpillar, John Deere, Volvo and other big-name manufacturers.

Exercises on virtual equipment simulators are followed by plenty of practice with the real thing on an expansive outdoor training course. Students gain real-world experience by assisting with maintenance projects on the school’s 47-acre campus and off-site jobs supervised by their instructor.

Industry Credentials

Heavy Equipment Operations & Preventive Maintenance students can earn the following certifications and credentials in high school:

  • Flagger Training via Associated Pennsylvania Constructors
  • OSHA Certification via CareerSafe®
  • Pennsylvania Skills Certificate via NOCTI®

College Credit

A statewide articulation agreement known as SOAR allows students to earn college credit for their work in the Heavy Equipment Operations & Preventive Maintenance program.

Career Paths

with credentials:

  • Agricultural Equipment Operator
  • Construction Equipment Operator
  • Logging Equipment Operator

with credentials and experience:

  • Construction Foreman
  • Mobile Equipment Technician
  • Surveying Technician

with postsecondary training or college degree:

  • Construction Manager
  • Civil Engineer
  • Civil Engineering Technician
  • Surveyor


Teacher: James Wabals

Email: wabalsj@lcti.org

Counselor: Katrina Sparozic

Phone: 610-799-1370
Email: sparozick@lcti.org

CIP Code: 49.0202

Program Task List


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Industry Partners

Representatives from the following local businesses and government agencies serve on the Heavy Equipment Operations & Preventive Maintenance program’s Occupational Advisory Council:

  • Foley CAT
  • NAPA Development Corp.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  • Plasterer Equipment Company
  • Semmel Excavating

Career & Technical Student Organizations

Heavy Equipment Operations & Preventive Maintenance students are eligible for membership in the following Career & Technical Student Organizations, or CTSOs:

  • SkillsUSA

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