Jasmine Kutzura

Culinary Arts

Famous chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Guy Fieri and Anne Burrell probably all began at a school like LCTI. Whether you want to be a chef, work in a kitchen, own a restaurant or run a catering business, the culinary arts profession has many opportunities for you. The Culinary Arts program at LCTI provides students with the skills and knowledge to pursue a career or a college education in the field of Culinary Arts. Students work in a commercial kitchen, run a restaurant and cater banquets, which exposes the students to real-world experiences in the field of culinary arts. Students also learn about food ordering, food cost calculations, and health regulations.

Students in Culinary Arts learn:

  • Sanitation and food safety
  • Knife skills and cutting techniques.
  • Fundamentals of baking and bread baking
  • Fundamentals of sauce and stocks
  • Classic cooking methods
  • Intro to molecular gastronomy
  • Intro to nutrition & healthy cooking lifestyles
  • Restaurant management and front of the house training
  • Domestic & international cuisine
  • Institutional food preparation
  • Cake decorating and pastry arts
  • Intro to butchery, the art of sausage making and smoking meats
  • Intro to food sustainability and responsible cooking
  • Foundations of gastronomy
  • Fundamentals of working on a hot line
  • Quantity foods and the art of banquet style preparation
  • Introduction to seafood preparation


Serv Safe Certifications
ACF American Culinary Federation – Junior Culinarian
Pennsylvania Food Employee Certification

College Opportunities

Northampton Community College
Johnson & Wales
Culinary Institute of America
The Restaurant School
American Culinary Federation Apprenticeship

Culinary Arts

Education Park Drive

Schnecksville, PA

Our mission at LCTI is to prepare all students for successful careers and lifelong learning.