3 reasons to rock the NOCTI


Rock the NOCTI and win an iPad!

Pronounced knock-tea, the NOCTI┬« is an exam that takes its name from the acronym for National Occupational Competency Testing Institute. The exam serves as an end-of-program assessment for high school seniors in all but a few of the career and technical education programs at LCTI. Career and technical schools across Pennsylvania and around the country administer the two-part exam.

LCTI’s seniors are slated to take the performance portion of the NOCTI over a roughly two-week period beginning Thursday, March 1. The exam’s written portion is scheduled this spring.

Rocking the NOCTI is about more than bragging rights. A strong performance on the exam signals to admissions officers and employers, respectively, that seniors are college and career ready. Plus, this year, it can also win them an iPad.

1. Earn college credit

Students who rock the NOCTI automatically receive a College Credit Recommendation Report with their scoring package. The report can be presented at more than 1,500 participating colleges and universities for credit consideration. Depending on their CTE program, students may qualify for as many as six tuition-free college credits.

Students Occupationally and Academically Ready, or SOAR, is an articulation agreement that allows students to earn tuition-free credit at more than 40 postsecondary institutions in Pennsylvania for completing a CTE program. Among other things, students must rock the NOCTI to qualify for SOAR credits.

2. Impress employers

Seniors who rock the NOCTI are awarded a Pennsylvania Skills Certificate. For students who plan to launch careers immediately after high school graduation, this certificate is an important addition to their employment portfolio. 

It signifies to employers that they’re a candidate with the technical skills, knowledge and ability required to successfully perform the duties of an entry-level job in a safe and effective manner with minimal supervision.

3. Win an iPad

This year, every senior who rocks the NOCTI will have a shot at winning an iPad. LCTI is giving away two iPads in a drawing. Students who score proficient on the exam will receive one entry in the drawing. Students who score advanced on the exam will receive two entries in the drawing. The winners will be announced on a to-be-determined date this spring.

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