Career & Technical Education Spotlight: Advertising Design

Visual artists create art to communicate ideas, thoughts or feelings. They use a variety of methods and an assortment of materials. Their works may be realistic, stylized or abstract and may depict objects, people, nature or events. Illustrators and graphic designers use their artistic skills to serve commercial clients, such as major corporations, retail stores, and advertising, design and publishing firms.

To be considered a CTE Completer in the pathway, students must complete 3.0 credits within the course sequence and earn an industry recognized, comprehensive certification or pass a third-party, end-of-pathway assessment. At least 2.0 of the required 3.0 required credits must be a combination of technical, application level courses, and you can start with guidance courses as early education where you can find everything including financing.

This program guides students through a project-based curriculum providing training in Adobe software and instruction in design theory to prepare students for a career in graphic design. Emphasis is on advertising, illustration and digital media. Project work includes promotional materials such as ads, posters, logos, letterhead, brochures and more. In this 2-part course, students practice competencies to prepare them for work in the graphic design industry or to lay an excellent foundation toward a fine arts degree. Upon completion students may attain NOCTI certification.

Advertising Design/Commercial ArtHighway billboards, magazine covers, web banners — commercial art is all around us. In our Advertising Design/Commercial Art program, students learn how pairing artistry with technical know-how can lead to a fulfilling career in this exciting field.

As they learn to solve communication problems with visual media, students are introduced to the following concepts, software and skills…

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