Important information for new and returning students

Hello, new and returning students and families!  We’re happy that you’re part of the Lehigh Career & Technical Institute community and excited to be spending the 2019-2020 school year with you. Get off to a great start this fall by reviewing the information below.

Skyward and online forms

It is extremely important that parents/guardians of new and returning LCTI students access Skyward to fill out online forms before or during the first week of school. The following forms must be completed in order for students to train on industry-standard equipment and much more:

  • Active Military
  • Handbook Compliance Form
  • Home Language Form
  • Lunch Program Information
  • Safety Pledge
  • Standing Orders Authorization
  • Student Medical Card

Remember, the above forms should be completed in Skyward before the first day of school and must be completed no later than a student’s first week in attendance at LCTI. Here are step-by-step directions for completing the forms.

Student schedules

Student schedules are available on Skyward. Students should bring their schedules with them to LCTI on the first day of school.

Student Services has made every attempt to schedule classes according to student wishes. This was not possible in all cases. However, unexpected openings in career and technical education programs or academic courses do occur, providing opportunities for schedule changes.

Every LCTI student is assigned a counselor. After school starts, students can meet with their counselor to discuss schedule changes. Students seeking changes should attend currently scheduled programs and classes until a meeting with their counselor is set.

Students whose schedules say NRT, shorthand for “no rotation,” will meet with a counselor at LCTI to discuss their program and course options. 

New Academic Center students

Students with morning Academic Center classes should report directly to their first period course upon arrival at LCTI. Students with afternoon Academic Center classes should report directly to their career and technical education program lab upon arrival at LCTI.

New Career Academy Program students

New Career Academy Program students should report to the CAP Office upon arrival at LCTI.

Student transportation

Students’ sending districts provide busing to and from LCTI each weekday. Students are not permitted to drive to LCTI. A Parents/guardians may drop off and pick up students. However, in order to pick up a student, parents/guardians must report to the Main Office and provide a valid photo identification.

Free & reduced-price lunch

New students who received free or reduced-price meals in the past will continue to do so at LCTI. The parents/guardians of students eligible for free or reduced-price meals are required to complete a new program application every school year. Parents/guardians can submit their applications at LCTI if their students eat lunch here.

Student absences

Parent/guardians must report all absences to students’ sending high school and LCTI. Report absences by calling the following numbers:

  • Half-Day Students: 610-799-1341
  • Full-Day Academic Center Students: 610-799-1363
  • Full-Day Career Academy Program Students: 610-799-1491

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