Academic Center students ‘pie’ teachers to raise money

Mr. Legath, left, and Mr. Brensinger got pied on Tuesday, March 26 to help the Academic Center Student Council raise money for a Class of 2024 field trip.

SCHNECKSVILLE, Pa. — The mere prospect of watching their favorite Academic Center teacher take a whipped cream pie to the kisser proved to be a big motivator for LCTI’s students.

Academic Center Student Council raised nearly $400 with their weeklong Pie A Teacher fundraiser, which culminated Tuesday morning (March 26) with an unusually messy fifth period for Mr. Brensinger, Ms. Carr, Mr. Dabrowski, Ms. Kinane and Mr. Legath. Academic Center students gathered in the school’s Small Cafeteria to watch as teachers wearing disposable rain coats, shower caps and other protective gear got pied. The show drew cheers, applause and lots of laughter from the crowd.

Despite their best efforts, most of the targeted teachers ended up with whipped cream mushed into their hair or trickling down their shirts. Mr. Brensinger joked that getting pied was like having a guilt-free dessert before dinner.

Students purchased $1 tickets and put them in the pot for teachers they wanted to pie. Teachers with the highest ticket tallies got pied. Plus, students who bought tickets were automatically entered in a drawing for T-shirts, sunglasses and other LCTI spirit wear.

Mr. Dabrowski was the top ticket getter, with more than 200 thanks to a student who used his cooperative education earnings to make a big contribution. Academic Center Assistant Principal Ms. Carr agreed to be pied if the event raised at least $250. Unluckily for her, students smashed through that goal.

Proceeds for the event will offset the cost for a Class of 2024 field trip to to Adventure Aquarium in Camden, N.J.

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