Industrial Technology

Auto Collision Repair Technology

The average driver is involved in three to four fender benders during their driving lifetime. In our Auto Collision Repair Technology program, students learn what it takes to return crash-damaged vehicles to pre-accident condition.

Auto Technology

For many Americans, cars are an essential part of daily life. In our Auto Technology program, students learn how automotive technicians maintain these complex machines.

Cabinetmaking & Millwork

Cabinetmakers and millworkers produce the wood furnishings and finishes we often take for granted. In our Cabinetmaking & Millwork program, students learn how these craftspeople turn wood or wood products into cabinetry and more.


Carpenters play crucial roles in every step of construction. In our Carpentry program, students learn how these skilled tradespeople build homes and other structures from foundation to roof.

Diesel Medium & Heavy Truck Technology

Commercial truck drivers are one example of workers who rely on diesel-powered vehicles to do their jobs. In our Diesel Medium & Heavy Truck Technology program, students learn how diesel technicians keep big rigs rumbling the right way.

Electrical Technology

Electricians light up American homes and businesses. In our Electrical Technology program, students learn how these highly skilled men and women literally electrify the nation and much more.

Heating / Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Heating and cooling systems keep homes, offices and schools at the optimal temperature. Students learn how HVACR technicians install, maintain and repair these high-tech systems in our Heating/Air Conditioning & Refrigeration program.

Heavy Equipment Operations

Building a home is one example of the myriad tasks that require heavy equipment. In our Heavy Equipment Operations & Preventive Maintenance program, students explore the diverse employment opportunities for heavy equipment operators.


Some of the world’s most famous structures were built by masons. In our Masonry program, students explore the age-old trade while learning how today’s masons build modern masterpieces.

Painting & Design

Brighten a dreary room, highlight a home’s architectural detail or launch a rewarding career. In our nationally accredited Painting & Design program, students learn how paint can do it all.

Plumbing & Heating

Plumbing, Heating, Pipefitting and Steam Fitting are some of the highest paid professions in the construction industry. Learn everything you need to pursue different career paths!

Small Engines / Recreational Vehicle Repair

All-terrain vehicles, jet skis and chainsaws — they serve different purposes but share a key characteristic: small engines! In our Small Engines/Recreational Vehicle Repair program, students learn how to keep these vehicles and tools in top form.

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