Business & Communication Technology

Computer Information Technology

Daily headlines about hacking are a constant reminder that the convenience of computers comes with pitfalls. In our Computer Information Technology program, students learn what it takes to secure data and much more.

Computer & Networking Technology

Computers are an integral part of today’s workplace. In our Computer & Networking Technology program, students learn how an affinity for computers can lead to a lucrative career in information technology.

Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Small businesses drive the American economy. In our Marketing & Entrepreneurship program, students learn what it takes to run one and give substance to the entrepreneurial spirit.

Print Technology / Graphic Imaging

Business cards, catalogs, custom T-shirts — all of these everyday items are products of the graphic communication industry. In our Print Technology/Graphic Imaging program, students learn about graphic design, print production and more.

Web Design / Web Programming

Just about everyone and everything has a web presence these days. In our Web Design/Web Programming program, students design and build compelling websites from scratch.

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