Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing

Electronics Technology / Nanofabrication

Televisions, laptops, cellphones — electronics technology is all around us. In our Electronics Technology/Nanofabrication program, students learn about the inner workings of high-tech devices we rely on every day.

Electromechanical / Mechatronics Technology

Some of the biggest names in Lehigh Valley manufacturing rely on automation to drive production. In our Electromechanical/Mechatronics Technology program, students learn how electrical and mechanical systems combine to automate industry.

Engineering Drafting & Design

The first step in manufacturing a product or constructing a building is drafting a plan. In our Engeineering Drafting & Design program, students explore how architectural, civil and mechanical drafters or engineers move ideas from inception to production.

Precision Machine Tool Technology

If you dream it, the students in our Precision Machine Tool Technology program can machine it. That’s why the Lehigh Valley’s biggest manufacturers begin vying for their attention as early as 10th grade.

Pre-Engineering & Engineering Technology

Engineers are the world’s problem solvers. Students learn how they combine scientific knowledge with technical skill to find solutions in our Pre-Engineering & Engineering Technology program.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics Technology

The Lehigh Valley is among the country’s fastest-growing logistics hubs. Our Supply Chain Management & Logistics Technology program is the perfect launching pad for students interested in a career or a college degree in this field after high school.

Welding Technology

Sedans and trucks, railroads and bridges, airplanes and trains — welders help make them all. In our Welding Technology program, students explore how these skilled workers shape the nation and its economy.

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