Health & Human Services

Animal Sciences

Work alongside zoo and veterinary clinic staff as they care for and treat a variety of animals/.

Commercial Baking

Weddings, baby showers, birthdays — no matter the occasion, sweet treats make them special. In our Commercial Baking program, students learn how to create custom confections that are always in high demand.


Looking good never goes out of style and that’s great news for anyone intent on pursuing a career in the beauty industry. In our Cosmetology program, motivated students can earn a license from the Pennsylvania board of cosmetology.

Criminal Justice

Law enforcement is an essential component of the criminal justice system. In our Criminal Justice program, instruction focuses on the daily duties of police officers and other professionals committed keeping our communities safe.

Culinary Arts

Any classically trained chef will tell you that the best meals begin with good stock. Our Culinary Arts program is the perfect stock for students looking to cook up rewarding careers in the hospitality industry.

Dental Technology

Dental professionals make the world a better place one smile at a time. In our Dental Technology program, students learn the science and skills behind good oral health.

Emerging Health Professionals

Physician assistant, nurse practitioner, physical therapist — those are the job titles for three of the nation’s Top 5, best paid and most-wanted professionals. Our Emerging Health Professionals program is a must-consider for students interested in these and other medical professions.

Health & Medical Sciences

Health care is among the nation’s fastest growing industries and offers a broad range of professional opportunities. In our Health & Medical Sciences program, students explore medical science and its practical applications.

Teacher Education

Daycare center, preschool and elementary school staffers play a vital role in shaping children’s futures. In our Teacher Education program, students learn how to foster youngsters’ growth and development.

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