Academic Center teacher wins first-ever Bison Award

Teacher Kelly Bracetty in LCTI's Fitness Center

Academic Center teacher Kelly Bracetty is LCTI’s first-ever winner of The Bison Award. Congratulations, Mrs. Bracetty!

Executive Director Lisa Greenawalt, left, and JOC Chairperson Carol Facchiano, right, pose with Academic Center teacher Kelly Bracetty after the Bison Award presentation.

SCHNECKSVILLE, Pa. — Kelly Bracetty teaches high school students how to perform CPR, but she never had to use it outside the classroom until one fateful day last fall.

Bracetty, a Wellness/Fitness teacher in the Academic Center at Lehigh Career & Technical Institute and a Parkland High School cross-country coach, was wrapping up a practice session with the Trojans along Allentown’s Lehigh Parkway on Oct. 28 when 70-year-old Dave Roberts collapsed nearby.

Bracetty leaped into action, using her lifesaving skills to revive him before first responders arrived. Thomas’ wife, Anne Beasty, said of Bracetty, “She saved his life. We know now he had a 95% blockage.”

In recognition of her heroism, Bracetty was presented with the inaugural Bison Award on Wednesday, Jan. 24 (2024) during LCTI’s monthly Joint Operating Committee meeting.

Named for LCTI’s mascot in its early days, The Bison Award is presented periodically to LCTI students, staff, alumni or supporters whose actions demonstrate the school’s tremendous reach, dedication to technical advancement and constant climb toward new educational summits.

Dr. Lisa Greenawalt, the school’s executive director, said choosing Bracetty as the award’s first-ever recipient was easy and noted, “We’re so proud of her.”

Bracetty said her experience underscores the importance of CPR training. She thanked the committee for providing her with professional development opportunities, including CPR instructor certification every two years. “Every day in the classroom for the past 13 years of teaching CPR to my students, I’ve put them in real-life scenarios like the one I faced that morning … perfecting their skills,” Bracetty said.

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