Curriculum Office

Lehigh Career & Technical Institute offers 40 career and technical programs in a state-of-the-art education facility that is technologically equipped to provide students with a very comprehensive career and technical education. The courses are all developed based upon industry standards, certification and licensing requirements. The curriculum offered at LCTI provides students with the most current information that is reviewed and updated annually by professional staff and representatives from business and industry.

The Curriculum Department provides support and guidance in the development of area-specific curriculum. A competency-based career and technical education model is used as a tool for the writing of curriculum. Each course has a standardized format that consists of various components:

  • Course Description
  • Goals
  • Job Titles
  • Task List
  • Task Grid
  • Career Objective
  • Learning Guide
  • Integration Grid
  • Task Tracking
  • Performance Assessment Log
  • Contract Grading

The curriculum is accessible to teachers through the LCTI Intranet.

The Academic Center at Lehigh Career & Technical Institute provides students with integrated curriculum and an excellent foundation for career and lifelong learning success. For more information, contact Lisa Greenawalt, Director of Curriculum & Instruction at 610-799-1484 or e-mail

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