Essential Skill Alignment Chart: Heavy Equipment Operations & Preventive Maintenance – CIP Code 49.0202

This chart is designed to help students and parents understand the educational and physical expectations and/or recommendations for the Heavy Equipment Operations & Preventive Maintenance program at Lehigh Career & Technical Institute. For additional information, please visit the program webpage.

Program Safety & Physical Considerations

  • High degree of self-discipline and focus needed for safety with and around earth  moving equipment
  • Coordination ability to adjust actions in relation to others’ actions
  • Willingness to work in all kinds of weather
  • Extended standing, bending, stooping, working inside and outside, working in muddy, dusty and rocky conditions, and working in equipment that bumps and shakes the driver
  • Ability to work in tight spaces
  • Ability to diagnose the source of a problem quickly and accurately
  • Ability to watch gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure machine is working properly

Essential Aptitudes Recommended

  • Eye/Hand/Leg coordination
  • Finger and manual dexterity
  • Form perception
  • Spatial acuity
  • Color discrimination
  • The ability to coordinate two or more limbs while sitting, standing, or lying down; it does not involve performing the activities while the whole body is in motion
  • The ability to quickly and repeatedly adjust controls of a machine or vehicle to expected positions
  • The ability to choose quickly between two or more movements and response to two or more different signals

Reading & Language Arts Levels

  • College Prep Reading and Language Arts
  • College level text books and manuals
  • Oral and written communication skills

Math Level

  • Basic math level
  • College Prep Algebra
  • College Prep Geometry
  • Compute ratio, rate, and percent
  • Measurements of fractions, decimals, and percentages
  • Standard measurements
  • Order of operations
  • Tape measurement reading to the 16th of an inch and/or hundredths of a foot
  • Use of measuring devices to 1/1000th  of an inch

End of Year – 12th Grade Assessment Test


Industry Certifications

  • Students will have the opportunity to earn industry certifications in the program
  • Students must provide their own transportation to and from the job site

Program Requirements & Related Costs

  • Shirt: 2 at $6 each
  • Pants: $25
  • Steel-tip work boots: $75
  • Eye protection provided
  • Hard hat provided

Cooperative Education

  • Students who meet all the requirements, including teacher recommendation, grades, attendance, and discipline record
  • Students must provide their own transportation to and from the job site

Articulation Agreements

  • Lehigh Carbon Community College
  • Statewide Articulation Agreements

Other Skills

  • Ability to work independently and on a team
  • Basic mechanical skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Critical thinking skills

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