Six program labs relocate or expand

SCHNECKSVILLE, Pa. | With five programs relocating on campus, a complicated game of musical chairs was underway for much of the summer at Lehigh Career & Technical Institute. Thanks to the ingenuity of our facilities team, everybody was a winner when the music stopped on the first day of school.

Animal Sciences relocated from a cramped E-wing classroom to a spacious lab in the floriculture building between D-wing and the Distribution Center. The previous tenant, SOC Indoor/Outdoor Maintenance, moved next door to the lab occupied by CAP Applied Horticulture. And CAP Applied Horticulture headed across Lot 4 to a vacant lab in C-wing.

Electromechanical/Mechatronics Technology moved from two labs in B-wing to the former Welding Technology lab in  A-wing. The beautifully refurbished space is large enough to house all of Electromechanical/Mechatronics Technology’s students and specialized equipment. The Welding Technology program moved to its current lab — a $4.25-million, 12,000-square-foot facility — in early 2020.

The new CAP Supply Chain Management & Logistics Technology program is based in one of the former Electromechanical/Mechatronics Technology labs. The other one will eventually be home to Pre-Engineering & Engineering Technology, which is slated to move from A-wing to B-wing sometime before Halloween.

Finally, Web Design/Web Programming stayed put in D-wing, but doubled in size thanks to another program’s relocation. Emerging Digital Media & Social Communications moved to A-wing in 2021-2022, leaving the D-wing lab next door to Web Design/Web Programming empty. Contactors joined the two rooms with a door and windows.

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