Class of 2022: Emmaus senior wins Academic Center award

Katrina Hendricks was presented with an Outstanding Academic Center Senior Award at LCTI’s Class of 2022 Senior Recognition Night.

ALLENTOWN, Pa. | The Academic Center is Lehigh Career & Technical Institute’s full-day option for students who want to integrate their academic studies with their career and technical training.

One of this year’s two Outstanding Academic Center Senior Award winners is Katrina Hendricks, an Emmaus High School student in LCTI’s Teacher Education program. Director of Academic and Special Programs Mark Covelle, Ed.D., honored Katrina on Tuesday (May 31, 2022) at PPL Center during the school’s Class of 2022 Senior Recognition Night. The prestigious, schoolwide award is one of seven presented at the ceremony.

Katrina, 17, has earned impressive grades throughout their Academic Center tenure and is a regular on the honor roll.
Academic Center teachers describe the Lower Macungie Township resident as a conscientious student who works hard and sets an excellent example for their peers.

Covelle said, “While taking advantage of this program’s unique opportunities, our top seniors have enhanced the Academic Center experience for everyone around them. And that’s truly exceptional.”

The Lehigh Career & Technical Institute Outstanding Academic Center Senior Award is presented annually to two full-day seniors who perform at a high academic level and demonstrate the ability to build relationships with their peers and staff while consistently exhibiting professionalism and leadership in the Academic Center.

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