Tyler Young shares his LCTI success story

Tyler Young Portrait

Tyler Young is a student in Lehigh Career & Technical Institute’s Computer & Networking Technology program.

SCHNECKSVILLE, Pa. | For Tyler Young, attending Lehigh Career & Technical Institute is an important first step on his road to a good life.

Tyler heard about LCTI as a middle schooler and decided to give it a try. He considered studying Web Design — another of the school’s 40-plus programs — but ultimately settled on Computer & Networking Technology.

“Computers are a really great skill, obviously, and something I’m always going to use, no matter what I end up doing in the future,” says Tyler, whose sending school is Parkland High.

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Among other things, students in the Computer & Networking Technology program learn to design, build and operate complex computer network systems. They typically graduate with industry credentials and college credit under their belts.

Hands-on lessons and one-to-one instruction characteristic of the learning experience in all of LCTI’s programs have proved to be a perfect fit for Tyler.

“I think if I were at a traditional high school, I wouldn’t be as motivated,” he says, “Here, I come in and I have a great group of teachers there to motivate me.”

As a full-day student, Tyler takes both career and technical courses and academic courses at LCTI. When the time comes, he’ll celebrate graduation with his Parkland classmates and enjoy sporting events, prom or other events at his sending school in the meantime. Students also may attend LCTI on a half-day basis and take academic courses at their sending schools.

Still in high school, Tyler is on his way to the future he imagined for himself and credits LCTI for that. “I’d like to go to college … and then just ultimately get a good, well-paying job where I’m stable and have a good life, you know?” Tyler says.

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