Students in the Computer & Networking Technology Program prepare for careers as a Technical Sales Specialist, Computer Support Specialist, Help Desk Technician, Technical Support Technician, or Networking Technician. The course focuses on preparation for the CompTIA A+ Service Technician Certification. Get the opportunity to work in a team setting and advance into Computer networking. Practice managing a range of wired and wireless networks in a mixed hardware / software environment.

The course provides a solid foundation for entering into a career or college. Opportunities exist for students to earn college credits while participating in this program. This in-demand profession offers exceptional career opportunities for students.

Students enrolled in theComputer & Networking Technology course will :

  • Work in a professional team environment on a wide variety of computer hardware systems
  • Learn about software operation and design concepts.
  • Install, configure and troubleshoot a variety of operating systems.
  • Work with trained staff to diagnose and resolve real-world PC problems projects throughout LCTI.
  • Learn to design, build, operate, and troubleshoot complex computer network systems.
  • Go to college while still in high school.


College Opportunities are available for this program

Computer & Networking Technology

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