Welding Technology

  • Fire up a welding torch to create products people use every day

  • Bend, cut, join and manipulate metal in a high-tech welding center

  • Master welding processes and techniques in demand across the industry

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Sedans and trucks, railroads and bridges, airplanes and trains — welders help make them all. In our Welding Technology program, students explore how these skilled workers shape the nation and its economy. They master the following skills while learning about the indispensable roles welders play in construction, manufacturing and other industries:

  • Shielded metal, gas metal, flux cored and gas tungsten arc welding
  • Manual oxyfuel and mechanized oxyfuel gas cutting
  • Manual plasma and manual air carbon arc cutting
  • Silver oxyfuel brazing and silver soldering

Instruction begins with safety, metallurgy and joint geometry as students gear up to practice welding butt joints, corner joints, T-joints, lap joints, edge joints. Before advancing to more complex techniques, they learn to recognize welding symbols and interpret drawings or sketches.

Working in a program lab outfitted with Air Concoa, ESAB, Lincoln Electric, Miller, Thermal Dynamic and Victor welding and cutting equipment, students develop their skills through a combination of expert instruction and hands-on training. They routinely team up with peers in other LCTI programs — precision machining, engineering, etc. — to design and fabricate custom parts. Plus, upperclassmen are encouraged to bolster their skills and their resumes by securing internships or co-op positions with local companies.

Industry Credentials

Welding Technology Technology students can earn the following certifications and credentials in high school:

  • Certified Welder via American Welding Society
  • OSHA Certification via CareerSafe®
  • Pennsylvania Skills Certificate via NOCTI®

College Credits

Statewide and local articulation agreements known as SOAR and ACES, respectively, allow students to earn college credit for their work in the Welding Technology program.

  • This program also has an articulation agreement with Triangle Tech.

Career Paths

with industry credentials:

  • Brazer/Solderer
  • Cutter
  • Fabricator/Welder

with credentials and experience:

  • Cutting Machine Operator
  • Welding Inspector
  • Welding Machine Operator

with postsecondary training or college degree:

  • Industrial Designer
  • Materials Engineer
  • Metallurgical Engineer


Teacher: Bradley Brandmeir

Email: brandmeirb@mylcti.org

Counselor: Daniel Snyder

Phone: 610-799-1344
Email: snyderdan@mylcti.org

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CIP Code: 48.0508Task List

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AWS president and Welding Technology teacher Brad Brandmeir

LCTI teacher wins American Welding Society award

By LCTI on 27 March 2024

Mr. Brandmeir was honored during a society

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Welding Technology
Welding Technology
Welding Technology
Welding Technology

Industry Partners

Representatives from the following local businesses and organizations serve on the Welding program’s Occupational Advisory Council:

  • American Welding Society
  • East Penn Manufacturing
  • Minerals Technologies
  • Schadler Industrial
  • Solar Technology

Student Organizations

Welding Technology students are eligible for membership in the following Career & Technical Student Organizations, or CTSOs:

  • SkillsUSA

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