Independent Contractors

Independent Contractors:

The LCTI Joint Operating Committee is required by law to ensure that independent contractors and their employees who have direct contact with students comply with the mandatory background check requirements for criminal history record check, Pennsylvania child abuse history clearance and report of federal criminal history information. Independent contractors and their employees who have no unsupervised direct contact with children are not generally subject to background checks. Direct contact shall be defined as the possibility of care, supervision, guidance or control of children or routine interaction with children.

  • ACT 34 – PA CRIMINAL CLEARANCE  | Apply Online | Print certificate and present to LCTI.
  • ACT 151 – CHILD ABUSE CLEARANCE | Apply Online| Present original to LCTI upon receipt.
  • ACT 114 – FBI CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK | Submit UEID – Link to start fingerprinting process
    • Follow the link to IdentoGO to schedule a fingerprinting appointment.  The Service Code for LCTI is 1KG6NX
    • Take required IdentoGO documentation, acceptable form of ID, and a valid credit card or money order to one of the listed Enrollment Centers for fingerprinting.
      • Enter your zip code when registering for your appointment to find the Enrollment Center closest to you.
    • Information on Federal Criminal History Background Checks
  • Completed PDE Form 6004 as required by Act 24 of 2011 | PDE 6004 Arrest/Conviction Report Form
  • PA Sexual Misconduct-Abuse Disclosure Release Form DPTT 
    • Complete the Name/Address/Phone of current/former employer and Section 1 only
    • By law as of 12/22/14, one form must be completed for each of the following:
      • Current Employer
      • Each former employer that was a school entity
      • Each former employer where you were employed in a position that involved direct contact with children

Questions may be directed to:

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Fax: 610-799-1314

Equal Opportunity Statement
LCTI has a policy not to discriminate on the basis of sex, handicap, national origin, color or race in its programs or employment as required by Title IX, Section 504 and Title VI, Age Discrimination Act, and Boy Scouts Act. Inquiries about this policy should be directed to LCTI’s Compliance Officers: Sean Will for students at (610) 799-1357 or Stacey Day for personnel at (610) 799-1385.

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