Electrical Technology

  • Light up homes and businesses while working alongside journeyman electricians

  • Power entertainment, security and smart home systems with custom wiring

  • Design and install electrical systems using math concepts and blueprints

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Electricians light up American homes and businesses. In our Electrical Technology program, students learn how these highly skilled men and women literally electrify the nation and much more. They develop the following skills while exploring the ins and outs of residential, commercial, industrial and communication wiring:

  • Install non-metallic, metal-clad and Cat 5 cables; install telephone and television circuits
  • Install single-pole, three-way and four-way switches; install duplex, GFCI and AFCI receptacles
  • Install EMT, PVC, surface metal, nonmetal and liquid-tight flexible metal conduit raceways
  • Install light fixtures, smoke detectors and doorbells; install rough and finish wiring in homes
  • Use multimeters, continuity testers, plug-in circuit testers and clamp-on ammeters

Working in a program lab outfitted with Amatrol trainers and industry-standard equipment, students tackle projects that mimic real-life situations on a daily basis. Instruction begins with fundamentals like job-site safety, National Electrical Code® requirements and blueprint reading before advancing to the installation of electrical service, optical fiber connectors and home theater systems.

Students also learn to design residential security systems, configure home automation modules and set up industrial motor control systems. The latter skill makes program students a hot commodity among Lehigh Valley manufacturers, who compete to fill their internship and co-op positions with LCTI’s upperclassmen.

Our Electrical Technology program is endorsed by the following organization:

Pennsylvania Builders Association

Industry Credentials

Electrical Technology students can earn the following certifications and credentials in high school:

  • Various NCCER® certifications
  • OSHA Certification via CareerSafe®
  • Pennsylvania Builders Association® Skills Certificate
  • Pennsylvania Skills Certificate via NOCTI®

College Credit

A statewide articulation agreement known as SOAR allows students to earn college credit for their work in the Electrical Technology program.

Career Paths

with credentials:

  • Apprentice Electrician
  • Electrical Estimator
  • Electrical Safety Manager
  • Telecommunications Technician

with credentials and experience:

  • Commercial Electrician
  • Industrial Electrician
  • Residential Electrician
  • Power Line Installer/Repairer

with postsecondary training or college degree:

  • Construction Manager
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineering Technician


Teacher: Michael Monkiewicz

Email: monkiewiczm@mylcti.org

Counselor: Cory Schnaufer

Phone: 610-799-1369
Email: schnauferc@mylcti.org

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CIP Code: 46.0399Task List

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Electrical Technology
Electrical Technology
Electrical Technology
Electrical Technology

Industry Partners

Representatives from the following local businesses and organizations serve on the Electrical Technology program’s Occupational Advisory Council:

  • Billitier Electric
  • Fromm
  • IBEW Local 375
  • Orlando Diefenderfer Electric

Career & Technical Student Organizations

Electrical Technology students are eligible for membership in the following Career & Technical Student Organizations, or CTSOs:

  • SkillsUSA

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