Daria Greb

Commercial Baking

Dessert! Just hearing the word makes us think of colorful cakes, tasty pies and freshly baked breads. Commercial Baking students learn to create these delightful goodies in addition to learning about bakery operations, nutrition and of course decorating using all of the latest techniques. Students also learn measurement, product problem solving while gaining a thorough understanding of ingredients.

Pastry and bakers are the people responsible for making life a little sweeter and tastier.

Commercial Baking students will learn:

  • Commercial Kitchen Safety & Sanitation
  • How to work with commercial bakery equipment and hand tools
  • Dough manipulating skills
  • Operations of the LCTI Bakeshop
  • Kitchen science
  • Learn merchandising to create baked items and cakes for live customers
  • Employability work ethic skills
  • To utilize opportunities to go on job shadows and Co-op work with the bakeries in the Lehigh Valley


ServSafe Food Handler

Commercial Baking

Education Park Drive

Schnecksville, PA

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