Jasmine Kutzura

Culinary Arts

Famous chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Guy Fieri and Anne Burrell probably all began at a school like LCTI. Whether you want to be a chef, work in a kitchen, own a restaurant or run a catering business, the culinary arts profession has many opportunities for you. The Culinary Arts program at LCTI provides students with the skills and knowledge to pursue a career or a college education in the field of Culinary Arts. Students work in a commercial kitchen, run a restaurant and cater banquets, which exposes the students to real-world experiences in the field of culinary arts. Students also learn about food ordering, food cost calculations, and health regulations.

Students in Culinary Arts learn:

  • Sanitation and food safety
  • Knife skills and cutting techniques.
  • Fundamentals of baking and bread baking
  • Fundamentals of sauce and stocks
  • Classic cooking methods
  • Intro to molecular gastronomy
  • Intro to nutrition & healthy cooking lifestyles
  • Restaurant management and front of the house training
  • Domestic & international cuisine
  • Institutional food preparation
  • Cake decorating and pastry arts
  • Intro to butchery, the art of sausage making and smoking meats
  • Intro to food sustainability and responsible cooking
  • Foundations of gastronomy
  • Fundamentals of working on a hot line
  • Quantity foods and the art of banquet style preparation
  • Introduction to seafood preparation


Serv Safe Certifications
ACF American Culinary Federation – Junior Culinarian
Pennsylvania Food Employee Certification

College Opportunities

Northampton Community College
Johnson & Wales
Culinary Institute of America
The Restaurant School
American Culinary Federation Apprenticeship

Culinary Arts

Education Park Drive

Schnecksville, PA

Preparing all students for their personalized career pathway