Have you ever wondered what is inside your cell phone? Ever thought about taking apart your video game system to see how it works? How about wondering what makes a television work? If you answered yes to the above questions, then Electronics Technology/Nanofabrication is for you. Some of the electronic circuits you build will flash lights, make sounds, count up or down using LED’s or using 7-segment LED displays. You will make amplifiers, change sound into light and many other exciting projects in this LCTI program. You will learn about DC and AC circuits, power supplies, transistors and op-amps. You will assemble various communication circuits, work with AND gates, OR gates, memory circuits and analog to digital converters. In the cleanroom, students make solar cells and silicon diodes. The scanning electron microscope allows students to see things not seen with a regular microscope such as the surface of the eye of a fruit fly.

Students in Electronics Technology/Nanofabrication will learn:

  • How to read schematic diagrams
  • Bread-boarding
  • DC & AC Circuits
  • Semiconductor theory
  • Power supplies
  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Soldering through-hole and surface mount components
  • Digital gates
  • Complex digital circuits
  • Cleanroom process for manufacturing solar cells
  • Cleanroom process for manufacturing diodes


Amateur Radio License
OSHA 10 hour certification


College Opportunities are available for this program

Electronics Technology

Education Park Drive

Schnecksville, PA

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